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viral induced wheeze becoming asthma?

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gottaloveascamhun Mon 18-Jul-16 15:27:59

My son is 2 years 8 months. During the last 18 months has had 7 hospital admissions, all overnighters on childrens ward via pop, for breathlessness and wheeze gasping for breath. He takes up to 10 puffs blue salbutamol 4 hourly and 4 puffs brown x2 a day on consultant's instructions. Each time he has back to back nebulisers stretching to 1 hourly, 2 hourly , 4 hourly then onto inhaler until well enough to go home. He stays in hospital for 2 or 3 nights each time.
His last episode was the worst yet and he needed oxygen constantly for 2 days and in hosp for 4 days. Since then he hasn't been right
Usually in between viral episodes he gets better but he was discharged 10 days ago and still is wheezy and breathless in the night. He is constantly on the edge of a poo call I feel. I can't sleep much because of the coughing and 4 hourly inhaler and the worry. During the day he is well, slightly wheezy but managed ok with inhaler. He still wants to go everywhere and do everything. I'm knackered but more concerned that it's becpmi g more of an asthma issue than viral induced wheeze. GP we saw today prescribed another course of steroids and gAve strict instructions to phone 999 at slightest hint of wheeze tonight so I wouldn't be surprised if I'm back on the ward on a camp bed for next few days. Feeling very alone with this as hubby works away a lot sad

gottaloveascamhun Mon 18-Jul-16 15:50:18

Hospital admissions via 999 not pop!

Roastie1986 Sun 24-Jul-16 19:27:56

I really feel for you. My son suffers from viral induced wheeze episodes. I'm constantly on edge waiting for the next time. I suffer with terrible anxiety and can't relax. I don't know how you feel day to day. But this has taken its toll on me and I'm always constantly worried. Xx

MoreSnowPlease Sun 24-Jul-16 20:15:29

We have had exactly the same. Literally every time he got a virus, which was every couple of weeks, he would be in hospital on the same regime. Son has just turned 4 and we have taken him off gluten. It has improved in that the last 2 episodes of wheeze have not resulted in hospital stays. It seems that the virus still goes to his chest but rather than being so low in oxygen that he doesn't move from the sofa for a week, he is playing whilst coughing. However, I wish we hasn't taken him off gluten as now gee needs a test for caeliac and for this he needs to be on gluten for 6 weeks! Does your son get sick very easily as well as end up with the vital wheeze each time? If so, get your gp to test for things like thyroid function, blood sugar, celiac, and other stuff to check his immune system is functioning ok. Otherwise, there is hope.

Also, we didn't use the brown inhaler for long as it didn't make a difference he still ended up in hospital. There is something else called montelukast which consultant suggested for us (also didn't end up giving this) . There is also another inhaler which I can't remember the name of that we used to use at the same time as salbutamol in hospital and then ended up using on its own instead of salbutamol. Apparently, it can be better for allergic wheeze or something, can't remember the exact research though, but might be worth looking in to., atrovent ous what it's called (you probably already use it in hospital)

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