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Recurrent fevers

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KathyBeale Mon 18-Jul-16 12:39:05

My son is six and regularly has two or three days where he has a high temperature and is generally 'unwell'. It always follows the same pattern - a day where he's really whingey for no real reason, then a couple of days of being sleepy and listless and spiking a high temperature. Always above 39degs, but often 40degs or higher. Calpol doesn't really have much effect, but it does come down slowly with ibuprofen.

He's currently in the grip of another episode and I've just counted up - it's his seventh this year. I took him to the doctor last time and she just said it was normal when kids are at school, but my other son has never been ill as frequently.

Just wondered if anyone else has experience of this? Is it normal? Or should I be going back to the GP? My husband says it's not worth going to the doctor, my parents are nagging (and nagging and nagging) me to go back...

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