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Wilberforce2 Wed 13-Jul-16 21:42:38

My ds who is 7 suffered a lot from tonsillitis from ages roughly 1 - 5, he hasn't had it for a long while now but his tonsils are still huge and very scarred/pockmarked. We have been to the doctors many times and he has always said that they are fine and the tonsils should shrink as he gets older, this is fine if they do but he has now started getting tonsil stones (I know what they are as I get them as well). Not sure if anyone on here gets them but they are horrible, he is saying he feels like something is stuck in his throat and is constantly doing this little cough. I had a look today and he has a fairly big one on one tonsil.

I have made another GP appointment tomorrow but I don't know what for really! If he says there is nothing he can do do I just say ok and leave? Do I push for a ENT referral? Should I even be taking him again or does he just have to get in with it? They aren't making him unwell, he does snore horrendously though which I'm sure is to do with the small gap between his tonsils.

Anyone had this with their dc?

I do have a picture but won't post it yet as don't want to make anyone feel sick!

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