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Reception hearing checks

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Tigersaurus Tue 12-Jul-16 15:22:12

Are children suppose to have these now? DS is starting school in September. The school's info pack said they don't do the reception eye and hearing checks anymore but might want to see the results when he starts. He's now had his eyes checked at the local opticians but what's the best way of getting hearing checked? I asked the receptionist if the GP was able to refer for a hearing test but they said they thought they only did it if there was a problem, so we should make a GP appointment if I was worried. I'm not worried though I just thought all 4-5 year olds were supposed to have their hearing checked even if everything seems fine. Does anyone know if all children are supposed to have a hearing test in reception or has it changed now? If so is it organised via the GP or how do I go about it if the school doesn't do it but wants the results?

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