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Constipation in 2year old

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Louann27 Thu 07-Jul-16 19:04:15

Hi, my 2year old has been struggling to pooh since he was born. We kept going back and forth to the Dr's and we were prescribed lactulose and something else which never worked. We finally had some help from a new health visitor and gp and he is now on movicol. He's been on it now for about 4-5 weeks and he is still getting runny poohs rather than a solid. So now we have lowered it to 2 sachets a day. This however is now causing him to build up his poohs again, become lethargic and stop eating. He also in the last couple of days has developed a rash on his bum. Any other mums with advice or similar experiences. So heartbroken for our boy that he is suffering like this.

Thank you x

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