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Damage to child's breast area

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worryaboutnothing Thu 07-Jul-16 00:45:29

A couple of days my DD (5) was hurt by another girl at school who twisted her nipple so much that it caused grazing/bleeding. It is now still sore with a sort of scab forming over half of it. Quite apart from being pretty unhappy that this has happened to her, I've started getting worried that this may have caused some damage to the tissue underneath (obviously completely unformed because she is such a young child). Can someone talk me down from my worry about this?

Somerville Thu 07-Jul-16 00:50:21

Your GP would be the person to discuss this sort of concern with. Not putting it out on the Internet.

worryaboutnothing Thu 07-Jul-16 00:54:36

Honestly I'm not trolling if that's what you think, and it's not really "putting it out on the internet" to ask a question on an anonymous forum. Oh and I've named changed because my normal user name and posts might be identifiable. This is where people come for advice on questions that they are not sure are right for the GP, no?

I don't really want to take her to the GP if I am being a complete loon and worrying about nothing because a) that will be wasting the GP's time and b) it won't be particularly nice for her.

If anyone has any insight, that would help me out.

Somerville Thu 07-Jul-16 00:58:21

I deal with trolling concerns by reporting, not by accusing on a thread.

There are sick fuckers who search for stuff like this and get off on it.

QuestionableMouse Thu 07-Jul-16 00:59:44

I don't think I'd worry so long as it's healing and there's not extensive bruising.

How horrible for her.

apatheticfallacy Thu 07-Jul-16 01:06:20

What a strange turn this thread has taken. hmm

Your poor DD! What a horrible thing for someone to do. To be honesty suspect it'll be impossible to tell- especially without seeing the injury but also even if we could see it I doubt you'd get by helpful answers. The human body is amazing in its ability to heal itself though, and you said yourself that the breast tissue is yet to form so I'd guess (and it is a guess) she will heal and then as puberty arises things will develop as they would have done. I'm not aware of any tests of ability to successfully lactate except for trying to feed a baby.

I'd focus on sympathy and care for your daughter and attempting to e sure this cannot happen again. It must be really upsetting for you both flowers

imwithspud Thu 07-Jul-16 01:09:42

Somerville if you haven't got anything helpful to add why bother posting?

Op hasn't broken any rules and she is allowed to ask for advice regarding her child's health in the children's health forum. If you're that concerned about 'sick fuckers who search for stuff like this and get off on it' report the thread to mnhq and let them deal with it instead of taking it upon yourself to play thread policehmm

Anyway op, your poor daughter! She must be really sore. But if it were me I doubt I would see a GP unless it was looking like it was getting infected or wasn't healing normally. In the mean time give her lots of TLC and keep an eye on things.

I hope the school have dealt with the girl in question to avoid this happening again?

worryaboutnothing Thu 07-Jul-16 01:19:27

Thank you to those who posted constructively. Yes, lots of cuddles and sympathy. The other child has been dealt with although not quite as effectively as I'd like (it's not the first time she's hurt my dd). I think I'm probably worrying unnecessarily, or at least if there is any damage little could be done about it sad

imwithspud Thu 07-Jul-16 06:53:08

Chances are she's will be absolutely fine op, children are more resilient than we give them credit forsmile

BertieBotts Thu 07-Jul-16 07:00:57

Nipples graze fairly easily, it's likely to only be a surface wound. But do take her to gp if you're worried.

wonkylegs Thu 07-Jul-16 07:13:32

Ouch, I'm sure it'll be fine and will heal old, it's just going to take a while. Keep it clean and maybe use a cool pack on it if it's uncomfortable. It's amazing what your body can heal. I came off my bike aged about 10, the handlebars, skidded down a gravel drive on my chest and had a graze from my chin to my belly button, which was particularly bad over my chest and nipples - no boobs yet, it was awful, red raw, bruised and had to have gravel picked out of it, it took ages to heal and hurt like hell but there was no lasting damage.
I seem to remember one of the main problems was that clothes stuck to it as it healed and so clean cotton vests helped as did letting it air when possible. It was awful and stuck in my mind vividly but as I said no lasting damage.

wonkylegs Thu 07-Jul-16 07:13:58

Heal ok not old

adagio Thu 07-Jul-16 07:27:23

If I was on your shoes I would be tempted by a visit to GP or nurse in the GP just to get it 'on record' so if there is any future problems, or if you needed some future back up eg to argue with school about extent of injury then you would have that independent support. I doubt they will do much though, hence the nurse might be faster/easier to get to see?

worryaboutnothing Thu 07-Jul-16 10:34:05

Thank you all. I have been into see the Head of Infants today to ask it to be noted that there is still damage days later. It's looking a bit better today, so I think I will leave off going to the GP (lots going on with DS and want to be careful not be written on as having health anxiety about my children). Thank you for those who gave me some reassurance in the wee small hours.

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