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How to banish a tongue thrust reflex in a nine year old? Anyone tried?

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Olivo Wed 06-Jul-16 21:56:55

DD Has still got a tongue thrust reflex. She has had a brace for 9months, partly to expand her palate and partly to get the tongue to work correctly, but it seems to have had a little effect.she tries to do the exercises given to her but still slow progress. I just wondered if anyone had had this problem and found a better solution?

TheFirie Thu 07-Jul-16 05:41:22

Is it the brace with the little marble on top? It worked with DS1.

Olivo Thu 07-Jul-16 21:55:15

Yes, the one with. The bead thing. She also uses a Myobrace at night, and though the teeth are shifting a bit, no real sign of the tongue improving.sad

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