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9 year old choking on mucus

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Brandnewbrighttomorrow Wed 06-Jul-16 10:50:05

My son had glandular fever about 18 months ago - his tonsils were massive and caused sleep apnoea requiring steriods to reduce the inflammation. They are still large but don't join in the middle. He had a run of ear infections (he has grommets) up to Christmas but since then has been in good health other than still being easily tired and a bit volatile emotionally. I know it can take a while to recover from GF but on two occasions while on days out in parks/at a lido this summer he's actually laid down on our picnic blanket and slept for a while. About a month ago he started with a cough that was disturbing him at night and throughout the day - after about five days the cough changed and he started choking when coughing, he was waking multiple times a night unable to breathe and choking until he cleared the mucus from his throat. He chokes so hard all his auxilliary muscles are straining, his heart races and he's dripping with sweat. Saw our ENT consultant who said he was choking on mucus that was running down his throat and has prescribed saline nasal spray and nasobec to reduce the inflammation. At it's worse he was waking 8 times in the night - it had improved to the point for a couple of nights he only woke twice but now I think he's caught a cold on top of it, during the weekend he vomited up mucus (not food) about ten times. Went back to the GP on monday who said to try piriton which hasn't helped at all. We have a prescription for Montelukast to try tonight but I'm not convinced an antihistamine is going to help - he's not wheezing, he can't breathe properly because of the mucus. We're using a humidifier, vicks, he's propped up at night with the window open and in bed with me so I can help him when he chokes - he panics more if he's on his own.

He's been referred to a sleep clinic to assess his stertor to see if underlying problem with his tonsils but it's not until the end of August.

I think it's viral not allergy based as an adult mum from school has a choking cough with near-identical symptoms too. He just doesn't seem to be getting better - has anyone else experienced anything similar, can you suggest any other course of action?

Badders123 Thu 07-Jul-16 07:10:32

Sounds like her needs his tonsils and adenoids out!!

RockCrushesLizard Thu 07-Jul-16 07:35:53

I don't have experience of this, but I do take montelukast. It's not actually an anti histamine, it works to prevent inflammation in the airways, so helps stop the mucus being produced.
So it is useful for allergies, but is more commonly used for prevention of asthma symptoms. In your case, it could even be that his airways are irritable from all the coughing etc originally, and it's become self perpetuating - irritation = mucus = coughing = irritation etc.

I imagine the doctor is looking at treatments to prevent mucus building up, so stopping the choking. I'd give it a try...

It sounds very upsetting, so I hope you find something that works.

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