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Night time joint pain

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Madeaminnieme Tue 05-Jul-16 14:13:51

My 4 year old DD has been waking up through the night lately complaining about pain in her knee, arm or ankle. I check her sleeping position every night before I go to bed and she's always sleeping normally.
Could this be a cramp or a growth spurt?

littlemaemae Wed 06-Jul-16 11:09:55

Hi, my dd who is 3 suffers the same thing. It tends to come and go in phases of a week at a time.
So I'm watching this thread with interest.
In answer to your question I have no idea!
Perhaps she is particularly exhausted, I know I ache all over when I am.
Have you tired a new firm pillow and see if that helps her sleeping position or a memory foam mattress topper? Grasping at straws

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