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Preparation for a colonoscopy - ideas please

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aviator Mon 04-Jul-16 11:51:58

DS is due to have colonoscopy soon. I've heard the prep drink is grim and I'm concerned about getting it down him. (I'm waiting for it to be delivered, so no instructions to read yet). Can anyone advise what they were allowed to take with the drink to get it down easier? After a search on the internet I see that squash and certain flavours of jelly are allowed - really annoyingly DS (4yo) doesn't like fruit flavoured things - doesn't like any sweets like haribo, jelly, Ribena etc. He will drink apple juice and chocolate coconut water (a new thing for us!), not sure if either are allowed. Any tips from anyone whose child has had this? When we met with his consultant he suggested that a small chocolate bar the day before would not do any harm if he was struggling nil by mouth. I was surprised at that.

finnmcool Mon 04-Jul-16 11:55:06

I don't have any experience of preparing a child for a colonoscopy, however I had one.
I used a straw to drink the prep and if he doesn't like jelly, clear soup was a winner for me.

doesntmatterwhoyouare Mon 04-Jul-16 12:07:56

I drank mine really cold and sucked a sweet after each prep drink. Might be worth having it as separate little drinks as a full dose is just a lot of liquid to get through, and have a lollipop to lick between gulps/ glasses. Clear jellies and liquids are fine but the list varries a little between hospitals so see what yours says.

Will he be under a general for the procedure itself?

aviator Mon 04-Jul-16 12:20:20

Yes he would be under general because of his age. He does like lollipops so thats an idea.

bobblewobble Mon 04-Jul-16 21:07:58

Hi my 5 year old had a colonoscopy and gastroscopy in October last year. The diet was over 2-3 days prior. First 2 days had to avoid a lot of foods but I remember there was cereal she could eat (ricicles). As far as I remember was mainly liquid based. No fruit or veg. Low fibre.
The day before mainly sweets like jelly babies and jelly but nothing with red colouring. She coped really well.
She didn't have much prep to take but took it really well. Was called picolax. I was surprised. I'm pretty sure my daughter could have tea and I think that is what we let her have as a treat after taking the picolax.

If I come across the letter we were sent with all the details I will post it for you. Hope it goes well.

TrivialBlah Mon 04-Jul-16 21:59:15

The prep is worse than the procedure ime.

Definitely prepare by chilling in the fridge beforehand. You can add squash (orange or lemon) to it, nothing red. You can drink 1 litre over 2 hours, so I'd definitely advise your ds to take it slow. That's if it's Moviprep. I used straws and drank mine as quickly as I could stomach it. I wouldn't recommend this though. It tends to taste thicker the more you drink. I had a glass of elderflower cordial by the side a drank this with every mouthful of the prep.

For the fasting I bought ready made jellies, lollies, jelly sweets, chicken oxos, you could also buy beef consommé, anything nice and clear.

Good luck to your ds.

TrivialBlah Mon 04-Jul-16 22:00:20

You can have tea but no milk.

Namechanger2015 Mon 04-Jul-16 22:14:51

My DD was not allowed to eat or drink anything except non-red colour squash. I think this varies from one hospital to another so it's worth calling to check with them beforehand in case you can take things in.

Also take some easy quick food for you - you won't want to leave your child in the ward and they usually have a parent room where you can stash some fruit or something quick.

My DD struggled a lot with the liquid. First time she gulped it down but cried after and had some water. Second time we went she had it via a big syringe she put in her mouth. It was terrible idea she threw up everything including the very little food still in her tummy and her bowels didn't clear at all.

We were never given the option of having it cold so that's a great tip.

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