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Head lice - Mouthwash pros and cons

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simiisme Sun 03-Jul-16 16:54:59

Head lice are rife in my kids' secondary school. We have tried all of the many types of treatments and spend a fortune on them. For several months we were treating everyone weekly.
So I thought I'd try the legendary mouthwash treatment. Used Aquafresh, alcohol-free, from Poundland. Put it in a spry bottle and thoroughly drenched everyone's hair with it.
Youngest son has long, fine hair. All the beasties were dead, but detangling took just short of three hours today using detangling spray, wide-toothed comb and regular brush.
Recommend that you plait the damp hair to avoid this. He had a stretchy bandana thingy on, but it came off in the night.
Will let you know if it also acts as a repellant - fingers crossed!

VimFuego101 Sun 03-Jul-16 17:15:43

Yeah, I can imagine it would really dry the hair out and make it tough to detangle. Maybe slathering it in conditioner after you've washed the mouthwash out would help (and also give you the opportunity to comb through again and get rid of any last remaining headline).

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