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Chicken pox in 6mo - screams all night :(

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Queazy Fri 01-Jul-16 21:27:00

The poor thing just cries all night and will only be held, but still wakes continuously. He's on piriton twice a day, calpol every 4-6hrs, 3 bicarbonate of soda baths and Virasoothe. Anything else to help him sleep?!?! We're on day 5, he's covered in spots but I think they've stopped coming now.

My 2yo was very poorly with it, but she slept through the night with the help of piriton for the itching. My 6mo's entire scalp is plastered, then head to foot too, and he can't seem to sleep a wink. My dh is away at a wedding tomorrow night, so just thinking how I can keep us both in one piece!!! I feel so sorry for the poor thing.

Throughautomaticdoors Sat 02-Jul-16 06:14:33

Have you tried poxclin? We haven't had the pox yet but I know it is highly recommended?

Throughautomaticdoors Sat 02-Jul-16 06:15:26

Oh and oats in the bath. So put them in a sock and let the water run over it so the oats don't go everywhere.

Joneseygirl77 Sat 02-Jul-16 07:23:35

Yep try poxcilin as that worked well for us. Days 4-6 were the worst for us so hopefully you're getting over the worst of it now. Sending flowers as we had a bad dose of it too.

Queazy Sun 03-Jul-16 11:55:14

Thanks so much all. I've bought Poxclin so fingers crossed!!

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