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baby got eczema HELP!!!! what shall I do?

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Holly34 Wed 29-Jun-16 22:05:57

my four month baby is scratching his face been to the doctors and they prescribed a cream which made it worse. I'm now using Aveeno recommended by pharmacist but it still hasn't helped.

Any suggestions how you treated your little ones eczema??

looking forward to all suggestions, recommendations and lots of advicesmile

Treeagate Wed 29-Jun-16 22:11:50

For my daughter it was trial and error until we found a daily cream that worked, so you may need to go back to gp. We also have a steroid cream called alphaderm for flare ups. Other things that help us are trying not to get sweaty, so cotton clothes and having a shower only once or twice a week. Also don't use anything with perfume in and use non bio washing powder ( we found that fairy works for us). Hope this helps.

BikeRunSki Wed 29-Jun-16 22:16:13

Steroid cream to get it under control, olive oil to maintain it.

Holly34 Thu 30-Jun-16 10:25:50

Thank you smile

Maybebabybee Thu 30-Jun-16 10:29:07

I use weleda white mallow lotion, all the creams prescribed by the GP made it worse but this has really helped.

tincent Fri 01-Jul-16 10:48:04

Hi Holly for us it has been all about finding the right cream and learning how to apply if properly. First off you might find a useful resource. They also have people you can speak to. Do not use steroids/ hydrocortisone on the face or neck unless directed by a doctor as the skin is so thin and fragile. Ditto for nappy area. They are particularly bad for eyes too so avoid unless gp says otherwise. When you apply cream to your LO apply it gently -stroke it on and go with the grain of the skin, don't rub it in. We use bepanthen on the face and it works well. Use Aveeno bath oil daily and keep bath time short as water aggravates eczema. We use doublebase gel as a moisturiser morning and night every day and more frequently during flares and a miniscule amount of hydrocortisone if DS has a bad flare up (apply with grain of skin so there's a thin gloss, no more and start with 1% then work up if no change.) If you apply hydrocortisone wait half an hour before applying moisturiser over it or you will dilute it. We've found all oilatom and petroleum based creams to be a disaster and aggravate everything further but it really is trial and error to find the right cream. When you do you just have to be really strict with your regime. Apart from that use non bio and a gentle fabric conditioner like comfort pure, avoid perfumed products (and watch your own) and just keep going it will get better but you have to find the right regime and stick with it religiously. Oh and watch out for food causing flares my child flares after red pepper and strawberries. Good luck hope some of the above helps and pm if you need a chat.

tincent Fri 01-Jul-16 10:49:07

Ps: we get Aveeno as a free prescription it's brilliant but very expensive.

tincent Fri 01-Jul-16 10:50:48

Pps: if you get a choice go for a pump bottle of cream - less infection risk. I'll go no tee hee😃

ThisIslandGirl Fri 01-Jul-16 11:15:01

I know it's not quite what your asking but my son had it (albeit, quite mild, mind you) and the creams from the Dr did nothing. I changed from non bio washing powder to bio and it pretty much disappeared over night. His skin is lovely and peachy now!

ThisIslandGirl Fri 01-Jul-16 11:18:12

Arrgggh! *you're!!!!!!

My brain cells are depleting by the second.

Also, he was 4 months too when it was at its worst and is 7 months now and it has not come back so far.

Wolfiefan Fri 01-Jul-16 11:21:48

What cream was prescribed?

Holly34 Fri 01-Jul-16 18:14:15

Thank you all. Very kind to take out your time.

The gp prescribed Zerocream!!
Aveeno didnt work either sad My sister suggested Nivea creme, it actully did help so far even though I have been reluctant to put it on my baby skin but she had used it on her baby girl.

he is also dribbling so I assuming that he is teething and that is causing all the redness on his cheeks but other parts of his body does have a small spots so I'm sure it is eczema

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