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chicken pox and fever

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Diamondsandpurls Mon 27-Jun-16 01:11:31

I am normally pretty laid back with my kids so really I'm just looking for people to tell me whether I'm being too laid back. Currently lying in bed with 11 month dd lying on me. She has nasty chicken pox from ds4, a much more severe case than he had, fluid filled blisters and itchy ( he had red spots that weren't itchy and is also 4-an ice lolly and some tv sorted him out).

It's chicken pox so I guess I'm just thinking it will pass but dd's temp is hovering around 102. It did hit 103.2 about 10 mins ago but has since returned to 102.

Anything online says "see gp with temp over 103" for her age but doesn't sound as if I should go urgently. do I just keep giving her calpol regularly and wait for the fever to calm?

Please don't give me a hard time for asking, 111 doesn't fill me with confidence and I don't want to overreact for chicken pox. Thankyou

AnotherTimeMaybe Mon 27-Jun-16 02:36:00

Chicken pox is still a serious disease
If it's still like this id call 111 or I'd call GP tomorrow if it's still the same

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