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5 year old bowel incontinence

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ichoosesleep Thu 23-Jun-16 09:24:26

It's come out of the blue she's always been really good going to the toilet but over the last month it's either that she can't be bothered to go to the toilet and doesn't mind being uncomfortable and smelly or that she actually can't control it. This morning she has woke up absolutely plastered in poo! Quite runny aswell and there is a lot!

Is there any causes I'm not thinking of regarding food or drink ? Just so I can rule it out ? Or is there any other reasons? I say it's been going on a month because at first it was so random and she wouldn't do it again for ages but now it's been 3 days in a row so I'm going to book an appointment at the doctors for her.

On a night she has never been dry so we've always used pyjama pants. Now I'm wondering if it's all connected ?

chunkymum1 Thu 23-Jun-16 09:35:01

Is she pooing normally at all at the moment? Does she often have marks in her pants/smaller 'accidents'?

It sounds to me like she could actually be constipated- especially if she is getting small frequent accidents and there seems to be no trigger for larger accidents. Bit TMI but basically if she is constipated and there is a blockage, it's common to get runny poo coming out past the blockage. Because of the blockage, she might not be getting the 'need a poo' feeling even though there is plenty there, so she may not even know that she is going to do it.

I'd go to the doctor. My DS started out like this and it took us ages to get a proper diagnosis (we were constantly told to do sticker charts etc, which never worked because he had no idea when he was going to poo). There are also quite a few threads on here on childhood constipation/movicol (which is a medicine frequently given to children to treat this).

Hope the problem is sorted out soon

ichoosesleep Thu 23-Jun-16 10:22:11

Thankyou il keep that in mind when I go to the doctors. Iv had a thought to be honest that possibly fizzy pop may have a part in it too! I have 3 DC and all of them have always had it drilled into them how bad fizzy pop is for u. They have never bothered with it or asked for it either apart from recently my daughter has started asking for a cola when we call to a beer garden and when we are there with in laws we have brushed it off as a treat and let her have one. She has then started having fizzy water and lime and MIL house and at a wake the other day she drank loads of cola. I actually said that night I wasn't happy her drinking so much of it and maybe we should go back to none at all as she seems to be getting a bit too much of a taste for it. She was at MIL all day yesterday so I'm wondering if the fizzy water will be causing it too. It's the only thing I can think of that has coincided with it?

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