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Blast found on Blood Film Smear?

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delllie Tue 21-Jun-16 16:10:08

Apologies if my mind is racing ahead of itself, a little bit of back story to get where I am today..
My DD who has Autism and Severe Learning Difficulties/undiagnosed syndrome earlier in the year was getting very blue/cold extremities, especially in the morning when she was having her shower. This wasn't entirely new but seemed to have upped up a notch this winter, so I asked for an appointment to see her consultant at the hospital to be brought forward.
I couldn't get to see her usual one so got to see another consultant at the hospital. He diagnosed Reynauds phenonome and thought it may all be linked in with her general overall condition/syndrome and ordered some blood tests.
Nothing really has come back indicative of causing the Reynauds but was noted her white blood cells are low. Fast forward to today where we have been called back for the 5th blood test from the original tests. Apart from being told she has low white blood cells, no-one seems to want to tell us why we keep getting called back.
I did sneak a look at some notes after her blood was took today. It said something about a 'blast' being visible on the blood film from last time " with multiple nuclei" also that she has chronic nutropenia, microcytosis/myleocytosis? and irregular shaped lymphocytes? I am getting a bit worried obviously that something is seriously amiss here, can someone help me interpret these results? Thank you xx

Footle Wed 22-Jun-16 08:49:40

Could you ask your GP ?

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