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Sore stomach glands after a uti - 10 yr old

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Dillie Mon 20-Jun-16 14:05:06

To give a bit of background, DD has had a uti for almost a fortnight.
On the 1st week she was sent home with bad stomach cramps so kept her home. Took her to the docs a couple of days later as she was no better and v tender. Wee sample came up positive so sent home with trimethoprim for 3 days. It upset her tum a little, but by the Saturday she was much better.

Then the following tuesday she was sent home from her residential again in pain and sick a couple of times. Took her back, positive again and this time trimethoprim for 7 days.

The pain hasn't really gone away (comes and goes) and she has been feeling really ill after her antibiotics. I did mention this to the doc, but she gave me an odd look and totally ignored me.

Anyway took her to ooh doc at silly o'clock this morning as she was in agony. The doc there said her wee is fine (certainly looked better) and the pain is because of her glands in her stomach could be the cause. (Appendicitis ruled out).

She still has 3 tablets to take, but is refusing to take them cos they make her feel bad.

With the infection cleared I am tempted not to force the last tablets down her as she has already had 8 days worth.

Also anyone experienced stomach gland probe in their los? How long to give it before back to the doc? She has already missed 1 wk of school, and a residential trip. Poor love is so fed up with hurting and feeling ill, I am just at a loss in what to do for the best.

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