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10 month old persistent cough!

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LONC2012 Sun 19-Jun-16 18:56:07

Hi all,
I'm really stuck as to whether or not i leave my DS for another few days to ride this cough out or take him back to GP.
Since new born he has had a bad time win coughing but the past 3 months have been the worst. It started off with a cough, which then turned into croup, which slowly for better then started to get worse again. Then he got bronchiolitis along with an ear infection and was prescribed anti biotics.
He again started to get a little better and now it's all back down hill again. I took him to GP a few weeks ago as was a bit worried he keeps
Pulling his ears and very unsettled, GP looked in one ear and said they were both fine?!
He is still pulling at his ears a lot, not a fan of sudden loud noises either.
He coughs all through the day but worse at night, morning and nap times. He wakes in the night coughing, last night was one of the worst just couldn't seem to stop the coughing.
When he coughs he makes this funny noise as if to try clear his chest. Sounds wheezy, is very unhappy.
Is this just a very long cold/virus? I just want my baby to be happy (and sleep!)
We have tried vapour rub, the night plug in vapours, titling his mattress. He sleeps upright in his pram so he isn't laid flat. I just don't know what to do, I feel like taking him back to GP but don't want to waste their time and feel an idiot when I come out.

ilovesun Tue 21-Jun-16 16:11:55

Have no experience about coughs but with GPS they are there to see you and help. I myself had months of back and forth with something and felt the same and there was unfortunately a problem with my daughter so I have promised myself to go anytime i am worried even if it ends up being nothing....hope the cough has at least gotten a little better past few days

Roastie1986 Thu 30-Jun-16 19:59:38

Please don't ever feel like an idiot. I was made to feel like an idiot a few weeks ago for taking my son to the doctors. Has a history of viral induced wheeze which is extremely frightening. I wanted to make sure he was ok as was starting to cough again. My doc said I needed to learn the difference between viral and bacterial infections in children. I was mortified. He si the professional. Have you got things sorted yer? Xx

LONC2012 Thu 30-Jun-16 20:19:54

I took him after this post and was told he had swollen red tonsils but a clear chest!
Took him again on Tuesday to find he now has tonsillitis and a chest infection so has been given antibiotics!
Had over a week of him being so poorly and now he finally have the antibiotics in him he is back to the happy little chap we know!
I have now caught tonsillitis off him! Lucky me haha!
Thanks for your reply! It's So crap to be made to feel like you Darent go to the doc! Xx

Roastie1986 Thu 30-Jun-16 20:34:05

I'm so glad he is getting better xx

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