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paula70 Sat 18-Jun-16 18:34:40

Hi All

Our 7 year seems to constantly have tics, he seemed to have started after about the age of 4 and he always seems to have something. They change from blinking, to stretching out his head , nodding and his latest his glancing to one side and making a waving motion with his hand.
I dont think there has been an instant in the last 3 years when he hasnt had something. I read that they usually just go away but his just seem to develop into something new.
Anyone else had experiences of this kind of behaviour?



t1mum Tue 21-Jun-16 08:58:35

Yes, my son has had the same thing and still does to a much lesser extent. The blinking tic came on at 4 and the extended movements slightly later. They are much better now he is 9 but still there, particularly when he is tired. Because they were so persistent I was concerned about Tourettes, particularly as he also had a verbal tic. For us though the physical movements didn't seem to be fast or repetitive enough for a classic tic. He has been seen by an occupational therapist and has proprioception and core strength issues. He uses a wedge to sit on in class and this gives him both support and sensory feedback. I am also looking to get him assessed for Irlen syndrome which is a bit like dyslexia (although he is a good reader) and can involve photophobia. So I guess I think he may have met some of the clinical criteria for Tourettes but actually I think his issues are more about sensory processing and the movements are about getting sensory feedback.

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