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Advice please re antibiotics for tonsillitis

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knottedwood Fri 17-Jun-16 14:43:51


DD woke on Tues with a sore throat. No real temp, but quite a sore throat. As she had a long-made dr appt that day, I asked the dr to look at her throat, and she said it did look a bit pus-ey, so swabbed it and gave me a prescription. I said I'd only cash it if she got worse, which she hasn't: she's been at school each day, and though her throat is sore, she's fine.

Dr rang this morn (spoke to DH so I couldn't ask questions) and said the swab has come back positive, and that we SHOULD now cash it.

But she's not visibly ill! and I'd never have got the diagnosis if we hadn't happened to have the appt already made (she's nowhere near ill eno to go to the dr).

So what do I do?? Do I have to cash it, or can I just continue to watch and wait?

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