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Enlarged thyroid - 11 year old

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L27cosmo Thu 16-Jun-16 20:13:07

Gp found a swelling in my daughters neck last month and referred her for an ultrasound. This was done at the weekend and the dr doing it said it was enlarged, had cysts in it, and swollen lymph nodes in that area. He said its unusual for her age. Said she needs more tests including bloods as they had not been done. The scan results were back with the GP within 3 days and he's ordered bloods which we can't get done until next week! He wants to see us the day after bloods.
She has no symptoms of thyroid problems (I'm hypothyroid) and she is usually fit and well.
I'm worrying myself sick over this and was wondering has anyone else been in this situation.

AnotherTimeMaybe Thu 16-Jun-16 20:22:30

The only experience I have was with my 4yo who had his TSH a bit on the high side. We did an ultrasound as a result but came back ok but I remember the endocrinologist saying if it didn't we'd try to give selenium to bring TSH down
I suspect you DC's TSH is high so they might try the natural route first
Good luck

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