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Is it actually imperative i get a bit of grit out of a cut or will it somehow make its own way out?

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upsidedownfrown Thu 16-Jun-16 14:28:08

Ds told me when I saw him at lunch (i work in school) that he tripped on way to classroom this morning. Had a look and he's had a small flap of skin about the size of a pencil top come up on his hand (skin still attached) he said there was grit in it but he got a plaster stuck on it and the flap is healing down already. He'll barely let me touch it but I'm pretty sure he didn't manage to get the grit out when he washed his hand so now the cuts healing over with grit in it.

Should I try get the flap back up after school to try wash it out again/get the grit with tweezers? From what I could see, the flap was pretty stuck down again already so not sure I'd be able to do that. Or will it find its own way out? Or will that make it all nasty and infected?!

I'm well aware this is a stupid question but normally I'm there to give cuts etc a good wash so never had something stuck in a cut before

MollyAmelia2015 Thu 16-Jun-16 18:36:01

I think foreign materials in the skin will be naturally pushed out, if you choose to use tweezers, be careful not to push too deeply into the wound.. Keeping his wound angled towards flowing water may flush it out abit xx

upsidedownfrown Thu 16-Jun-16 19:01:41

Panic over! He said it was irritating him and he's picked his skin till the flap of skin came loose and handed me a nice lil piece of grit with a big proud grin on his face!

I thought he was actually tidying his bedroom.... Nope... He was picking at an injury!

Have given it a good clean now at least.

MollyAmelia2015 Thu 16-Jun-16 19:08:49

Get use to it, will be plenty more to come! Brave big boy! X

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