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Toddler with long term cough

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whereismytupperware Thu 16-Jun-16 02:20:45

DS, 21 months, has had an overnight cough, ranging in severity, but never completely gone, for months. It is bad tonight as it has woken us all up and he was awake for some time. And the last few mornings he has had more prolonged and persistent coughing episodes.

The Dr has given us an inhaler with a spacer thingy to try at bedtime. When she prescribed it the cough actually got a lot better on its own so we haven't used it yet but in the last week his coughing has got worse again so I am going to give it a go.

Does anyone have any practical advice on how to get DS to let us put the mask on him so he gets the benefit?

I know we can just hold it there as best possible and try but any tips on making it easier would be much appreciated.

Also any tips that might help too? I suspect the worsening is caused in part by hayfever but piriton doesn't make a big difference. We've tried Vicks on the chest and feet, I can't say that did a lot more than make me feel better!

Any other ideas anyone?

Out2pasture Thu 16-Jun-16 02:41:53

should the inhaler not be helpful I would look into the possibility of gastric reflux (laying down, irritating the back of the throat, coughing in the morning...)
do a little playing with just putting it on the face on and off no medication
put it on your face make the noise and breath in again just play practice
if the medicine is really helpful soon he will associate feeling better with the spacer and do well.
good luck smile

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