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8 week injections

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FirstTimerAtBeingAMummy Wed 15-Jun-16 23:42:48

My DD had her first lot of injections today at 2.30 pm. She had the Men B, And 2 others and the rotavirus drops. She screamed at the time but calmed soon after.
When I got her home I fed her and she fell asleep. About 6.15pm she woke up screaming!! It's totally not like her as she's normally such a happy baby. She cried for about an hour and a half solid, not interested in BF and would not be put down. She finally cried herself to sleep but is waking up screaming every half hour or so.
She's feeding normally but is very sleepy. She won't allow me to put her down and her leg that had the Men B seems to be hurting her. Every time she moves it she cries in pain. I've given her her 3 doses of calpol like the dr prescribed.
How can I help ease the pain in her leg? She really does not want me to touch it and I dread the next nappy change. Her temp is fine.
It's so horrible being unable to consol her.
Has anyone else experienced this after the jabs?
Really not looking forward to the next lot in 4 weeks.

LariyahSpen Wed 15-Jun-16 23:55:03

Help. Bless her poor baby!! I would say that is reasonably normal I think the shock of being injected suddenly does scare them I think my daughter even had nightmares as she was quite similar with crying afterwards when she was never really a cryer.

If her leg still seems sore in the morning and she is still very upset maybe call your health visitor just to get a second opinion. Does the area look sore?

I hope she is better tomorrow w

LariyahSpen Wed 15-Jun-16 23:55:24

Why I put hell I do not know lol!

RockCrushesLizard Thu 16-Jun-16 00:01:30

Poor thing - you and her. It's so difficult when you can't make it better.

Maybe a cold compress on the leg that seems sore might help?
I was talking to the nurse at my surgery this week, getting the advice about calpol etc for DDs jags in two weeks, because it's new advice since I had my older daughter. She said it's the men B vaccine that makes them feverish and sore, which is why they advise calpol etc. So at least you know that the next set of injections should be better, as they don't have that at 12 weeks.

FirstTimerAtBeingAMummy Thu 16-Jun-16 00:11:51

Thank you both. She cried so bad earlier I even rang NHS direct. They weren't really concerned as she was feeding and no symptoms of anything other than the crying.
It's just so horrible knowing I can't do anything to stop it for her.
I know the injections are a necessity, just wish they didn't have to be so little and have so many in one go. My DP has been trying to make it up to her all afternoon as he was the one who was holding her. He's a blokey bloke and nothing fazes him but he actually had tears in his eyes when she cried at the Drs.
I think I'll try a cold compress on her leg. The area was red earlier but it seems to have faded a lot but I can see the bruise coming up already.
What do you think I should put her in for sleep? At the moment she's in a vest and t shirt. I'm trying to keep her legs uncovered for ease of nappy changing and just to reduce and pressure or sensitivity to the leg.

RockCrushesLizard Sun 19-Jun-16 00:23:04

How is your DD now? Hopefully the worst has passed.
I sympathise with your DH - it's so rotten letting someone cause them pain. I just always tried to remember that it would be much worse for her to have any of the illnesses the vaccines prevent.
Hope tonight is plain sailing.

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