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Long term non blanching rash

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GloGirl Tue 14-Jun-16 12:18:27

Last year my son (18 month) was poorly with bronchitis and we noticed his non blanching rash. Was treated for suspected meningitis but it wasnt thank goodness. Since then he's had a non blanching rash. it gets better and worse at times. I did mention it to our fabulous GP who wasn't concerned, he doesn't suffer badly with bruising and it's only on his front torso and

GloGirl Tue 14-Jun-16 12:21:34

Sorry, my phone is playing up. It's a little on his neck but no where else. It's just quite bad at the moment after he had a cold last week. It came up as a big viral rash which blanched but has remained as a rash all over which doesn't blanch.

I only saw the GP when it was mild so I thought I'd just come on here for peace of mind. He is generally well and healthy, pic attached if it shows up well enough. He did not want to stay still!

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