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help what could this be caused by? maybe at nursery

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user1465419261 Sun 12-Jun-16 22:27:31

Unsure where to post this .. Sorry
I posted before in allergies because at first I was told it was a rash by the nursery .. Didn't tell my story because I wanted people's opinion on the mark ..

Does anyone have any idea what sort of accident could cause this?..
I picked my son up from nursery the other day and they had called to say he had a mark .. So I went straight there ..
My son had been with my partner because I stated work at 6... So he got him up at 7.. Took him to nursery for 7:30

Nursery didn't see this mark for a hour .. Although they claimed to see it straight away .. (CCTV)
My partner said he seen a scratch at 7.20 which seems to be under the mark..
But it was nothing like that just a finger nail scratch .. So maybe nothing to do with that .. My son claimed our pet rat did it ?.. But my son had cleary been messing around with the rats cage and pulled his toy off.. So maybe when asked "what did you do" for the tiny scratch .. He may of thought he meant to the rats cage..
My son had a fall at nursery where he rolled .. Cannot see what he falls into .. But it is a hard fall.. He doesn't cry but he goes to find a teacher .. But they are too busy.. (I've seen this on the CCTV myself)
All my son says is crabs and cars .. It doesn't make sense but it means something to him...
But I have no explanation as I was at work.. And now the social are getting involved and I'm scared.. I went to the doctors and had no explanation because I wasn't there and the nursery thought it was a rash..

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