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Toddler eczema

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Cathays Sun 12-Jun-16 19:44:00

Hi, my DS is 16mo and has had eczema virtually since birth. We've been using Cetraben and hydrocortisone on prescription but the doctors were sympathetic but not very helpful and it hadn't been getting any better... until I started using Bioskin Junior last week. It's expensive but totally worth it. His skin now is virtually excema free, he's like a different child. As I understand it, it works in a different way to the emollients, it doesn't sit on the skin. In any case, it does seem to be working!

I just wanted to recommend it as I wish I'd known about it earlier and maybe could have avoided his suffering. He has eczema on his trunk, mainly on his back thankfully as he cant get to it as easily as he would have elsewhere, but I know how awful it can be for the poor things, he'd scratch himself to bleeding given the chance.

I bought the daily spray and the flare up cream- but have barely needed to use it. I never thought I would say it but it seems to calm the skin, it isn't red and angry.

It seems a massive shame that you can't get it on prescription (or can you?) as it seems so unfair that only people who can afford it can buy it.

Itsaplayonwords Tue 14-Jun-16 20:25:26

Thank you for this recommendation. I haven't tried it yet but I will do. My daughter seems to be developing eczema. Luckily it doesn't seem to bother her and it's quite mild but I want to get it under control before it gets bad as I was hospitalised for a week when I was a toddler as my eczema was so bad it became infected. At the moment we've been trying Oilatum and using the Child's Farm range of toiletries, I've just got some of the boots own brand bubble bath, body wash and shampoo to try as its all suitable for dry or eczema prone skin. Although I don't expect it to clear it up I'm at least hoping it will be milder on her skin and stop it from getting any worse. But I'll definitely try the Bioskin Junior.

Cathays Wed 15-Jun-16 07:04:51

Hope it makes a difference for your DD! The biggest change I made prior to the Bioskin was not bathing him as frequently, he only has a bath once a week now instead of every day, so worth it.

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