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7yo dd up all night with pain inside elbow/crook of arms

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upsidedownfrown Sat 11-Jun-16 18:10:10

I was brushing her hair yday evening around 6.30pm and all of a sudden she's screaming and crying. After 10mins she was able to tell me that her arms were hurting where they bend. Gave them a massage and she calmed and forgot about it. Then again at around 9pm she came downstairs crying with it and took about an hour to go. Then 3am she's in my bedroom, writhing around in pain, pulling the most horrendous faces, in so much pain her words weren't coming out. I was on the verge of ringing 111 to see about out of hours doc or something when she started calming (she was properly awake) and went back to sleep cuddling dh so I left her to sleep. Took her to walk in this morning and they couldn't see anything obviously wrong.

She has a history of leg pain who she saw mobility ppl about. She also used to walk on insides of feet so they gave insoles, physio to do at home as they reckon she probably had a really weak trunk and so her legs were working harder to hold the rest of her up. And that was that. Her leg pains got less frequent since she had insoles but still appear occasionally. The arm thing is new and I dunno if they could be connected!

Will see gp next week hopefully but in the meantime, anyone experienced anything like this?

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