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Weird bump come up on DS's head???

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BlueDove Sat 11-Jun-16 12:43:43

A few days ago DS lightly bumped his head, it wasn't too bad, he felt unwell for a bit, but was then fine. There was a tiny bruise, but on a different part to where this is, so not sure if it's relevant!!

This has come up on his head this morning, it's quite soft, if that makes sense, it feels a bit like fluid... I don't know what's the best why to describe it... Not sure if I should get it checked out, or to be worried?

Floggingmolly Sat 11-Jun-16 12:46:09

Get it checked out; not trying to be an alarmist but the soft one's are the one's to watch. Hope he's ok.

user1465744104 Sun 12-Jun-16 16:16:25

Looks nasty sad how is he?

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