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18mo mouth full of blood

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99hayleyp Thu 09-Jun-16 20:28:11

Hi wanted some advice before i consider consulting my doctor fornthe 3rd time.
I took my little one to docs 10days ago where i was told she had an infection so he perscribed antibiotics.
She wouldnt take them so i went back two days later and different doc told me she had hand foot and mouth and he gave her eurthyromicin for 7 days.
Weve finished these today, ive tried not to brush her teeth as all the blisters were clearly hurting her.
Last 3 evenings ive brushed them before bed her mouth has filled with blood, not just a little bit her toothbrush was covered and had to sit her up to stop her swallowing it.
Its doesnt look like theres puss or anything blood seemed bright red.
I dont know if i should go back to my doctors or possibly sign her up to the dentist? Any advice or insight wpuld be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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