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high temp 2 year old

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weaselwatcher Wed 08-Jun-16 22:45:36

My 2 year old son come down with a high temp Sunday night and was slightly sick. Since then his temp just keeps rocketing. We have been doctors who said maybe an ear infection as inner ear was really red. Trying to get the anti biotics down him is horrendous ( so if anyone has any suggestions it would be muchly appreciated)
Night times are terrible his temperature gets so much worse and he can't settle all night. Return to the doctors? Hold out abit longer?
He's so not himself and is also full of cold he usually fights everything off super fast so I'm getting concerned. Currently laid on my bed with him crying with a fan blowing on us

threechildrentwodogs Thu 09-Jun-16 09:40:32

How is he today?

weaselwatcher Thu 09-Jun-16 20:51:25

The same. He's in bed now, I'm hoping he doesn't wake up in such a state again tonight. My eldest had a doctors appointment this afternoon so I mentioned about my 2 year old. The doctor was really rude said his temp is fine ear looks fine don't bother with the antibiotics and it will be viral. Not helpful. He was soaking bed sheets last night sweating so much

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