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Eczema/sunscreen yearly stress

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PlectrumElectrum Tue 07-Jun-16 22:10:10


Looking for suggestions on suitable sun cream for 11 yr old DD who has atopic eczema, mainly affecting her face. Her skin is in good condition at the moment but we are now repeating the desperate search for something she can tolerate in this fab weather.

So, we used to buy a combination of simple sensitive suncare ranges but that ceased production last year for some reason & we haven't yet found anything that DD can tolerate on her face. DD is very good at putting the cream on but we haven't found anything gentle enough that doesn't sting her face.

Can anyone with a child with very sensitive facial skin give suggestions on what to try? She's using the sun block lip balm just now but that's quite fiddly to put on & she keeps snapping the stick cos she over extends it. I'm thinking of emailing the companies asking them to make a chunkier stick for applying it, but in the meantime, I'm open to suggestions. smile

Harrymetsally123 Tue 07-Jun-16 22:21:31

Hey I don't know if u have tried the sun sense range befite

Harrymetsally123 Tue 07-Jun-16 22:21:39


dementedpixie Tue 07-Jun-16 22:23:16

We got a sensitive facial suncream from wilkinsons. Maybe try ones specifically for the face

Slavetosaltedcaramel Tue 07-Jun-16 22:34:36

I have struggled for years to find a sun cream for my now 12 year old who has bad eczema, sensitive thread veined face, which is all made worse my sun creams. Had a relatively good experience with a sun mousse but the best I have found (last year) is the Neals Yard sun creams - ethical, organic and totally superb with no reaction at all. The lemongrass is also effective at keeping bugs at bay and the special wild rose facial sun cream (both spf 30) is a handy size to carry with them. No burning, no reactions and I've bought again this year. A little goes a long way too.

AppleMagic Tue 07-Jun-16 22:40:26

I have eczema and surpringly have been using the kids Banana Boat Kids Broad Spectrum Sunscreen lotion and have not had a reaction. I liked the consistency too.

I tried to use the same brands Kids spray and did react to that. Completely different active ingredients though. I'd recommend hiding one with titanium dioxide as the active ingredient but I guess it depends on what bothers your dd's skin.

AppleMagic Tue 07-Jun-16 22:41:46

The other think I like about the BB lotion is that it's not really a lotion, it's a thick cream. I find too watery formulations make my skin sting.

greencybermummy Tue 07-Jun-16 23:40:30

Sunsense ones have been okay here and DD likes fact they are in a handy roll on.

PlectrumElectrum Wed 08-Jun-16 01:09:38

Thanks for the suggestions. We've found the main 'brands' set off her skin, and the one recommended by a boots worker is the latest one to set her face off. Children's brands seem worse somehow, but we haven't tried banana boat yet. I hovered in front of them for quite a while before I went with some other sensitive one (name escapes me now) and wish I'd picked BB instead now. It's so bloody expensive, all this trial and error. I'm going to seek out some of the suggestions and see what reaction we get.

Thanks for the replies.

Kefybaby Wed 08-Jun-16 01:15:00

How about anthelios?

AnotherStitchInTime Wed 08-Jun-16 01:15:11

My three children with eczema use Green People, with no problems.

TwinkleCrinkle Wed 08-Jun-16 01:22:00

Have you tried a non nano zinc oxide sunscreen? I use this on my 2yr old with eczema on his cheeks (and everywhere else).

It does have a slight white caste though so not sure if an 11 yr old would be happy with that. You can search on Amazon but one of the brands that does it is called Badger.

Also free from the 'nasties' that can be in some sunscreens.

Mouthfulofquiz Wed 08-Jun-16 02:42:57

Avene make really nice sun cream - they sell it in bigger boots stores and online. I've got really sensitive skin and the factor 30 and 50 are great.

chloesmumtoo Wed 08-Jun-16 16:11:39

Dd has got on very well with wearing Boots Soltan Kids sensitive ultra light suncare lotion factor 50. She had to manage without for years prior to that when a favoured brand discontinued. Doctors prescribed a sunsense roll on at the time which actually triggered eczema to break out on her face and was perfumed. We did buy the sensitive one also in sunsense but think she still must have reacted a bit to that too as don't remember feeling positive about it. Dermatologist recommended to use nothing, cover up. It was a school surfing beach trip that made me start searching again, just for her face as covered her in wetsuit. Definitely give the soltan a try, I was helped out in boots as they had to check it was suitable re-dd's nut allergy. They even said if it was no good I could return it!! I hope that is not the one you had problems with. I have been able to plaster dd in it with little effect. Been using this brand for few years now and even on her face - no problem.

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