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Ongoing for 3 weeks - WWYD

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Cakedoesntjudge Tue 07-Jun-16 15:26:37

I posted here either last week or the week before, this is ongoing from that. Will give history for those who didn't see.

Ds (5) had a very red rash come up on his face overnight but was otherwise fine, took him to school as assumed it was slapped cheek (from the very qualified dr Google) and the advice said to keep things normal as long as no other symptoms. Got to school and they said it wasn't slapped cheek and they'd rather he saw GP before coming to school just in case.

Took him to GP that afternoon who said it was eczema and gave him some cream. The following day it had spread to all over his face, school and me both agreed that wasn't normal for eczema so back to the GP I went who said it was some kind of allergy, told me to give him loratadine and he was fine to go to school.

That weekend while ds was with his dad I got a call to say there was now a different rash that was like little red spots all over his arms and legs and he was concerned (still no other symptoms). I told him to call 111, explain what had happened that week and discuss what the GPs had said. They sent him to the walk in centre where the GP said it was definitely slapped cheek but to keep giving him the loratadine and using hydrocortisone in case it wasn't hmm

Anyway, he also said that as long as he wasn't showing any other symptoms it was nothing to be concerned about, to keep sending him to school and not be worried as kids get rashes all the time.

Over half term both rashes started to fade, on Saturday a new rash came up on both hands and arms (have attached picture) which got worse on Sunday and much more angry and red but had faded a lot by yesterday morning. I took him to school and explained to the supply teacher what had been happening and she looked a bit unsure about having him there. I reiterated what the doctors had said about not being concerned if there were no other symptoms (should also mention at no point have any of the rashes itched or bothered ds in any way).

When I picked him up she said it had got much worse in the day, was all over his legs too and they'd had to apply ice packs and she was concerned and thought I needed to see the GP again. I again told her that we'd taken him to 3 different doctors ALL of whom had said that with no other symptoms rashes weren't something to be concerned about. She didn't look overt convinced.

Took him home, kept him in the cool and the rash went right down, so explained to her this morning that I think the heat is irritating it and if you bring him somewhere cool it will fade. But said to call me if she got worried.

Just had a call to say they're really concerned and want ds to see a GP. I have called the Drs and explained to the receptionist who has booked me a telephone appt for the morning (our doctors require a telephone consultation in the morning and then will see him in the afternoon if he needs an appt - means missing a whole day of school).

I feel like I'm not sure what the next step is. I agree with the school that 3 weeks is a long time to have unexplained rashes and to have 3 different ones in quick succession is odd. But I also understand what the doctors are saying about it not being a concern with no other symptoms and I feel like he's missing a lot of school for the doctors to essentially think I'm one of those mums but school are really not comfortable having him there while he has it.

I work and so there isn't just the option of me saying - oh sorry can't come in, son is fine, doctors say he's fine, but school won't let him be there. Especially when this has already been going on for 3 weeks and who knows how long it could go on for. So I don't really know where to go from this point.

WWYD? Would you be more concerned than the doctors have told me to be? Would you be happy keeping him off school?

I have attached a picture of the most recent rash but it was taken when it first came up on Saturday, When it was a bit faint - haven't got one yet of how red it looks now. It's the same 'pattern' of rash but just very angry and red on his arms and legs.

Cakedoesntjudge Tue 07-Jun-16 16:32:17

This is a picture of the rash having just picked him up from school.

gegs73 Tue 07-Jun-16 16:40:21

I'm sat here with DS2 who has had exactly the same thing for the last 5 days. His brother had it 3 weeks ago, we took him to the doctors and were told it was slap cheek and not to worry - he also had no other symptoms. We have not bothered visiting the doctors again, as it looks exactly the same, he is not ill and we were told its non contagious when the rash comes out. It does seem to come and go, heat/sun makes it worse. Today he has come back from school and his legs have come up again, yesterday it was his arms which have now gone down abit. If your school are worried about it, maybe you could ask the doctor to write you a note explaining its not contagious?

Cakedoesntjudge Tue 07-Jun-16 18:14:43

Thank you gegs - it hadn't occurred to me to get a note! Hopefully I can get them to do that tomorrow and then school might ease up a bit. Fingers crossed both ds's get over it soon!

gegs73 Tue 07-Jun-16 18:22:07

Thanks, it does seem to have been going on for ages and it does look pretty dramatic. Hope your DS's rash goes soon too.

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