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hypersensitivity to certain noises.

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vdbfamily Fri 03-Jun-16 12:18:34

There seem to be lots of zombie threads about this but just wanting advice really. 2 of my 3 children seem to have issues with certain noises. DS who is 11 was having difficulty with hearing and had grommets which have now fallen out and his hearing is now fine. Initially he found everything very noisy but now it is just a particular noise made by waterproof jackets when they rub against each other. He cannot stand it, says it makes him feel sick and yesterday, when I wore my waterproof in the car he protested everytime I moved so I took it off. DD aged 9 has the same problem only with people eating, to the point where she often has to leave the room. I don't think we eat very noisily at all but she moans the whole time we are eating, about all of us. She also objects to the slightest noise of nails clicking or if you put a nail in your mouth to tidy up a rough edge. Ironically she is the only family member who does actually bite her nails short, but the rest of us get yelled at as soon as a fingernail goes near our mouth! They both have very strong sense of smell too. We were eating out yesterday and she kept saying she felt sick as my husbands food smelt disgusting. Could she sit seperately etc. Sure enough when he stopped scoffing chips and tried his chicken burger, it did taste off and he sent it back. None of us could smell it though unless we pit it right up to our noses. She can pick up a piece of clothing and know exactly who it belongs to(ie school friends etc.) but I think that is relatively normal. there anything I can do to help my kids and make life more bearable. Do desensitisation programmes work or do I just need to buy her headphones for meals and buy him non scratchy waterproofs?

Greenyogagirl Sat 04-Jun-16 00:46:47

We have lots of sensory problems in this house too. I have misophonia and have the radio or tv on when we eat, ds has spd and severe sensitivities to noise. He has ear defenders on most of the time.
I wish I could say do this and it will make it better but I've yet to find the cure lol X

Mycraneisfixed Sun 05-Jun-16 07:55:06

Google 'overexcitabiliy'. They really do experience sensory overload at certain noises. (With me it's smells.)
They won't grow out of it but will find ways of dealing with it. Your understanding will be the best help for them.

vdbfamily Sun 05-Jun-16 20:33:14

Thanks both. That was amazing....googled overexcitability and had no idea it was connected with giftedness of which my 2 girls are. I had not mentioned my eldest in the thread as she does not have sound sensitivity but is incredibly bright and talking non stop, she has a whole range of troubled friends who she is very compassionate to and feels deeply for. She is emotional and artistic and fell into several of the catagories given.She and her sister have both been taught in school groups a year or 2 ahead despite both being youngest in year. That is SO interesting. Thanks for helping. He can be very iontense to live with but I will endeavour to understand it a bit more and try and help find solutions rather than accuse them both of being exhausting drama queens most of the time!

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