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Are head aches 'normal' for a 7 year old?

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Purplerainbow2 Thu 02-Jun-16 18:41:50

Ds2 had a serious of headaches end of last year and beginning of this year. Always at the end of the day, at dinner time and bed time. Treated with calpol. He had his eyes tested (wears glasses) and optimism said they were fine. They then stopped as he seemed OK in him self. Then the last week or so they have started again and he's been complaining of pains in his wrist and elbow? It isn't swollen and I can't see anything wrong with it. He is using it. Iv given him nurofen his evening hoping that may help. He is using the arm. I said to him I would take him to doctors tomorrow if it still hurts. He's eating and drinking fine and not 'ill' but is grouchy. Will the doctors just say headaches are normal or say it's 'growing pains'? I just wondered when you should be concerned about he had aches in children?

Purplerainbow2 Thu 02-Jun-16 18:44:36

Series not serious

cestlavielife Thu 02-Jun-16 21:15:12

Start kerp in a headache diary with details if symptoms times what helps for few weeks.
Then go to gp with that information.

cestlavielife Thu 02-Jun-16 21:16:45
Has link to headache diary template

Kiwi32 Thu 02-Jun-16 21:29:32

Hi I'm a chiropractor and unfortunately it's not uncommon for me to treat kids with headaches. Phones/computers/heavy book bags/bending over reading etc can all cause neck stiffness and tension-type headaches (which typically develop later in the day). It's possible the wrist and arm pain is also coming from his neck. Of course you should def get a GP opinion if you are concerned but it may also be worth looking at his posture and trying some gentle neck stretches (google upper trap stretches to get started). Even better find a local chiropractor/osteopath! Hope this helps.

lougle Thu 02-Jun-16 21:36:06

Is he drinking adequately? Most headaches in young children result from dehydration. Obviously, if you're sure that he is well hydrated, then you need to think of other causes.

Purplerainbow2 Fri 03-Jun-16 06:12:14

Thanks guys, he's not good at drinking but as I'm aware of that I'm constantly making sure he has drunk enough so I do keep a tab of how much he's had.

We see a chiropractor every few months or so (me very often!) I take the dc for 'maintenance' as you say kiwi with computers and being sat at a desk all day is no good. Maybe I need to take him to see her. He says the pain in the arm is like someone stabbing his bones with a knife?! This morning he has no headache and his arm is fine? .... And this is how it goes, he's not 'ILL' enough to be worried, then he's really complaining about a head ache!

Kiwi32 Fri 03-Jun-16 12:27:43

That's great that you're both under the care of a Chiro already. Stabbing pain in the arm can be nerve related (which sounds scary but is common and very treatable). Do the arm pain and headaches always happen together? Is the arm pain in his dominant arm? Has he started any new sports recently?

As he's already registered with a Chiro that would be my first stop. She should be able to determine if headaches and arm pain are mechanical (due to joints, muscles and nerves) and if not you've ruled out the most common cause which will help your GP decide if it needs to be investigated further. If you do make an appointment it would be worth mentioning it's a new complaint as Chiro may wish to allow more time to check it out. Hope you find a solution!

Purplerainbow2 Fri 03-Jun-16 12:30:45

Thanks for reply. Yesterday they were happening at the same time yes but the other day it was just the arm and before just head aches? It is his dominant hand yes but he hasn't started anything new or hurt it on anything.

sadie9 Fri 03-Jun-16 12:34:22

Which wrist and elbow is it? Does he play a 'device' of some sort with that arm. If so it could be that, repetitive strain syndrom. Specially if the fleshy part of the arm, top of it but slightly inner arm, just inside the elbow is tender to pressure. Or if they had a long test at school in the past 48hrs that he did a lot of writing.
My DS often has had headaches and still does. Because you say it is dinnertime and bedtime that's the same with my lad. With mine I am convinced it is dehyration. I try to make sure and give him a large glass of squash every afternoon and that seems to help. He drinks only about 100mls of his water sometimes at school. I also have been giving him a glass of low fat milk at breakfast to keep the liquids up.
Often with my lad it can be the day AFTER he has been doing PE or exercise that the gets the headache. So you need to think in terms of what was he doing and what did he eat/drink in the past 24hrs.

Purplerainbow2 Fri 03-Jun-16 12:44:49

Plays on tablet but more watching stupid videos than games if you turn your right arm so the palm faces you, it's from the left side right at the wrist and goes about half way down? It's not the fleshy part? It's ok today. He's on half term so hasn't done any writing at all and nothing to get rsi from? I'll just keep an eye and try to see the chiro. Headaches are strange though, keeping the record still, haven't noticed a link with certain foods or anything but he is quite snappy at times which he didn't used to be

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