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Should this be more urgent? Lump under arm in 4 yo

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Whitedoor Wed 01-Jun-16 17:47:08

I took 4 yo to see GP about 6 wks ago with a pea sized lump under his arm that had been there at least 2 weeks at that point. He wasn't worried as its smooth, moveable and not sore, but has referred for "bloods" as it wasn't gone 2 weeks later. I've just chased up the referral and its been booked for early August. DS is well in himself and this is an isolated lump afaik.
I'm just looking for reassurance that this isn't too long to wait really. Does anyone know what they'd be testing for or what other checks can be done? I've asked to speak to GP but he's away til next week.

Rainbow Thu 02-Jun-16 14:27:31

My DS had a lump under his armpit as a little one. GP wasn't worried and we kept an eye on it. It never grew any bigger and turned out to be fatty tissue after a biopsy. No idea what they are looking for. Did you read the blood form? If GP thought it was anything sinister you would have a much soon appointment flowers

Whitedoor Fri 03-Jun-16 00:07:12

Thank you, that's reassuring. GP seemed fairly sure it was a lymph node. I don't have a bloods form. That's what's confused me a bit. If he just needs a blood test, why do we need to see a paediatrician for that? I'll ask him to clarify when I can speak to him.

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