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Hypo mineralisation - does it always mean doom and gloom forever?

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Olivo Tue 31-May-16 21:24:17

Dd has this on her six year molars and the dentist said it could feasibly affect some of her other teeth as well. She said it should not be a concern, th.wt it was mostly cosmetic, , but of course, dr Google has made me panic. Is DD doomed to a life of pain and poorly teeth? And is there anything I can do to help? She has a reasonable diet, only drinks milk and water, try to keep sweet stuff to me a L times etc. I still brush once a day for her, she has always used 1450ppm toothpaste. Should I get a pro enamel on? Will it help?

Olivo Wed 01-Jun-16 07:48:34

Hoping someone can help/ reassure.

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