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asthma and coughing

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BabyHaribo Tue 31-May-16 17:36:03

If your child has asthma, how much do they cough when poorly with a cold/virus?

DD has a virus and is coughing literally incessantly - day and night sad

It's only 3 weeks since she last had a cough that went on day and night.

I'm not sure if it's normal or I should be upping steroids. Am taking her to the GP tomorrow but just wondered what people's thoughts were.

callmedizzy Wed 01-Jun-16 17:54:45

Hi there, bit late to this one but if I have any worries at all I phone the asthma nurse she phones me back very quickly then will advise - you can give the blue inhaler every 4 hours - how did you get on at the Drs?

conkerpods Thu 02-Jun-16 08:25:02

Yep,incessant coughing with my DS when he has a slight cold. At the moment he barely has a cold but the night coughing is pretty constant.
I increase his brown inhaler up to 4 puffs from 2. Plus give him the blue inhaler,2 puffs or up to 4.
In desperation I gave him a fishermans friend last night (he's 6) and that allowed him to drop off.

romanrainsalot Sat 04-Jun-16 04:28:51

He coughs all the time. All day, all night. After any little thing I have 3 weeks of it, he'll be okish for a week or two and then we start again. I have had enough. I cannot sleep, I cannot bear the noise. I am going to end up getting fired because I am under performing at work because I have no sleep. If I do grab a bit of sleep its at the expense of something else e.g cleaning the house or having a wash. I have no life. I have tried everything. Inhalers, steroids, dry room, humidifier, antihistamine, nasal spray you name it. We used to give him the brown preventer but whilst I think it did a better job than the orange one, it brought him out in hives. Waiting on referral to asthma specialist.

I have no advice, just empathy. Ive given up on sleep tonight/this morning. I've put some washing on so I'm going to peg it out now.

To the

conkerpods Tue 07-Jun-16 09:47:21

That sounds awful Roman.
I hope the asthma clinic is useful.
I feel myself tense up when the coughing starts,and I can't go to sleep myself until I know he's settled.
I do make him a hot ginger/fresh lemon and honey drink which helps a bit.

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