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Rash spreading - WWYD?

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Cakedoesntjudge Sat 28-May-16 13:33:49

Ds (5) came home from school on Wednesday with a rash across the top of both cheeks, almost in a line. I wasn't overly concerned as he always gets hot and flushed running around and he had no other symptoms.

By the following morning the rash had spread across the top of his cheeks down to his ears, still no other symptoms. I assumed it might be slapped cheek as its been doing the rounds at his school. I called them and they said to bring him in through the office and they'd have a look. When they saw him they said it definitely wasn't slapped cheek as the rash wasn't rough enough and to take him to the GP then bring him back if they said it wasn't infectious.

The GP couldn't see him until late afternoon, she checked his temp and throat (both fine) said it was eczema and gave me some hydrocortisone cream.

The following morning the rash had spread to cover much more of his face and so I took him back to the GP who said it was a rash resulting from an allergy similar to hayfever and told me to give him loratadine and it would go down quickly. He also said to keep using the cream.

Ds is with his dad today and he text to say that ds had woken up with the rash covering his entire face and spreading to his arms. I told him to call 111 and they advised taking him to the walk in centre where they've said its slapped cheek on his face and not to worry about his arms as the marks fade when pressed. They did say however that he needs to continue to take the loratadine which seems odd if they think it's slapped cheek.

I'm in two minds of how worried to be. On the one hand, DS still has no other symptoms but on the other hand the Rash keeps spreading and I feel frustrated that all 3 drs have given a different diagnosis.

None of them have seemed worried about it as he's not ill in himself so do I just follow their lead and not panic about it unless he gets other symptoms?

Haudyerwheesht Sun 29-May-16 19:28:06

I wouldn't panic tbh.

Sounds very similar to slapped cheek ime.

Cakedoesntjudge Sun 29-May-16 22:09:23

Thank you smile

I have gone down the not panicking route, it has now appeared on his legs too but I've spoken to a few RL mum friends who've said that that's not uncommon with slapped cheek and I'm working on the assumption that unless he starts appearing ill I'm not going to worry lol!

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