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chest infection - advice please?

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Haudyerwheesht Fri 27-May-16 19:06:33

Dd has recently been diagnosed as asthmatic and we are trying to get it under control with a seretide inhaler (2 puffs morning and night). She doesn't tend to wheeze but gets a cough and breathless.

Her peak flow today was below 100 but she's not very good at doing it. In addition her cough which she's had for a week sounded more productive.

Doctor heard a crackle straight away on right side. He's prescribed penicillin and steroid tablets - even when ds had pneumonia he was only prescribed antibiotics. Is this a new thing? Has anyone else had this? She's to continue with inhalers.

She's ok in herself just this nasty cough and breathing quite shallow and fast I think. Oh and she's 5 FYI.

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