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When your child started nursery how many bugs did they get a month?

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Sundancedamned Fri 27-May-16 08:49:59

DD is on her second stomsch virus and second cold of the month.

When does it stop???

Willow2016 Fri 27-May-16 10:31:10

Kids get countless bugs at nursery when they first start as their immune system has not developed enough to cope with all the 'bugs' kids carry. It will take a while but it does get better as they build up immunity to the everyday illnesses going around nursery.

Plus you do get the parents who send little Johnny or Mabel into nursery when they KNOW they have a stomach bug, chicken pox etc but they think they are too important to take time off work to care for their child but dont mind potentially infecting all the other kids at nursery so THEIR parents have to take time off.

You just have to ride it out part of being a parent.

Gileswithachainsaw Fri 27-May-16 10:38:24

how old is your child?

dd2 started pre school at a nursery when she was three. she caught chicken pox and that was about it tbh. she's at school now and has had one day off for sickness. she's had colds but that's nothing.

I think.of your dd is catching stomach bugs constantly then they need to improve hygiene and perhaps make parents aware of the 48 hr rule.

yes things go round but I do think k trotting out the "it's normal.for kids to get X colds/bugs a month" possibly cab be a bit dangerous as really of they are getting sick alot there perhaps could be serious lapses in ckeanliness/hygiene at the nursery

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