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Quick opinions needed - go to minor injuries unit or wait it out?

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LordTrash Tue 24-May-16 07:32:03

Hi, dd (10) stubbed her toe quite badly yesterday, and this morning it is very bruised (although not too swollen, as we did the frozen pea thing) and painful to walk on.

I don't think it's broken, but possibly sprained - her main concern is that she has a dance show in 3 weeks and wants to know if she'll be able to rehearse again soon. Should I do minor injuries today, GP in next couple of days or just wait and see if it eases by itself?

LordTrash Tue 24-May-16 07:40:46

bumping (although I know everyone is getting ready for work/school so prob won't have time to answer)

FlopIsMyParentingGuru Tue 24-May-16 07:42:15

Which toe is it?
If you're concerned then take her to get it checked it out. Early morning is quietest. There might not be much that they do but it should help give you advice about whether she can continue to rehearse.

drinkyourmilk Tue 24-May-16 07:45:00

When I broke my toe we went to minor injuries. They sent us to A&E, who strapped it up and did nothing else. It was very painful for about a week, within 2 I was walking normally. I would call 111 and see what they say, but I'm leaning towards strap it up, pain relief and a day or two off school.

LordTrash Tue 24-May-16 07:49:24

Thank you - it's the toe next to the little toe (strange one to knock, I would have thought, but there it is.) I might head to Minor Injuries while it's quiet.

FlopIsMyParentingGuru Tue 24-May-16 13:54:44

How did it go OP?
I went and dropped an enormous shampoo bottle on my big toe twenty minutes after posting on this. So your daughter has my sympathies!

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