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Daughter won't let dentist near her - any ideas?

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justlliloleme Mon 23-May-16 10:47:09

My 7 year old has been going to the dentist for check ups ever since she was a baby & is absolutely fine.
Just over a month ago she smashed one of her new front adult teeth & has to have some treatment.
Initially they tried this at the dentist - I was assured they wouldn't need the drill or an anistetic due to the way it was broken - so it should have been a fairly straight forward procedure.
In reality they needed to use the drill, which scared the life out of her, they then tried to give her a needle to numb it & they still didn't manage to sort it.
We were then referred to our local clinic & they said they'd give her gas & air to calm her down & they should be able to sort it in no time.
We've just come back & she wouldn't even get in the chair! I lay in the chair with her on me just so she could try the mask on (they'd already decided it wasn't worth attempting the treatment), she wouldn't try the mask on. Big sister (18) came with us, sat on the dentist knee & tried the mask on to show her there's nothing to worry about but she was having none of it.
She got herself in such a state that it was about an hour before she fully calmed down.
We're booked in next Tuesday for another go - has anyone any ideas how we can make this a nicer less stressful ordeal, she really needs to get it sorted.
Thanks xx

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