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Chronic constipation?!

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minchin42 Sat 21-May-16 13:54:52

Hey all! I'm new here. So apologies if I'm unfamiliar with all the lingo.

My son, Harrison is three, almost four. He's an infection prone child despite being bf for over a year. sigh!
Anyway, he has NEVER done a solid bowl movement. TMI but it's always like complete watery mush or diarrhoea.
We finally decided to take him to the docs as potty training has been a nightmare and he sometimes doesn't even know when he's doing a #2!
The doc felt his tummy on weds and said it was chronic constipation as he felt he was very backed up apparently. Although this appointment was first thing in the morning and the day before he had pood a fair bit, watery, but normal for him.
The doc gave us movicol (one sachet a day) and 10ml of lactolose a day too.
But since starting them on Thursday, he hasn't pooped once!?
He never acts constipated. So I'm wondering if that was ever the problem.
And if it is, how long till the medicines work? He usually goes daily, and it's been 3 days now. Weird!
Ty! smile

littlemaemae Mon 23-May-16 11:30:07

Sounds a bit unusual!
Perhaps he isn't fully emptying his bowel or he is just producing quite a lot of poo at the moment and his body isn't keeping up.

What worries me is that you say he doesn't know when he is doing a poo sometimes. That would indicate overflow around impacted poo.

But if he can choose to go to the potty/toilet to do it then I would say that was a proper BM.

Children can be constipated without showing any signs, they are very good at just getting on with it.

Does his poo smell very bad, is his stomach swollen?

GPs don't always know what they are talking about when they examine the stomach.

I have been told my DD wasn't impacted several time when In fact she was full to the brim.
And also the same but opposite was around.

Movicol should take about 3 days to work.

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