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Advice please: 5 yr old sudden short lasting intense pains in forehead/ear/jaw

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Decanter Fri 20-May-16 21:49:31

Hi can anyone please help with some advice, I'm so worries about DD. She's 5 and had been well/no issues when on Tuesday she complained of sudden pain, saying it was her head. Very painful, pain coming and going and she was holding head til each bout of pain passed. Gave her calpol and 45 mins later pain was still coming and going. We had to go out in the car; after 15 mins or so (with the pain not really mentioned) she fell asleep. Once she woke, 20 mins or so later, the pain had gone and No further pain til next day when she mentioned it fleetingly, and the same the following day. Last night she woke crying and took a while to calm down. After about 15 mins the she said the pain had comr back. Again we gave calpol and she settled quickly and slept all night. I got her a doctors app first thing and doctor thinks it may be a viral infection as she presented with quite swollen lymph glands and redness/tenderness in ears. I should say that having probed her on the pain, it doesnt seem to be her actual "head" as adults would refer to it, but her face. Forehead, ears and jaw. She draws a circle with her finger around her face (hairline/jaw) when asked to show where it hurts. Doc Said for her to get rest and fluids and come back on Monday if need be. She was pretty much great all day (2 fleeting mentions of pain which went away as quickly as they came). Out of the blue at bedtime just as we were starting a story tonight the pain started again and she was complaining it was too sore to sit up. Over next 15 mins it continued and I gave some calpol and she has settled and gone to sleep.

I'm very worried about this and would really appreciate any advice or if anyone has experienced this with a young child and may have a clue as to what's going on, or could this really be down to a virus? Thank you.

Backingvocals Fri 20-May-16 21:56:22

Mastoiditis? I had literally never heard of it but it was covered this afternoon on the medical programme on cbbc so it's fresh in my mind. I think it would be a ooh job if not a&e as it sounds quite serious.

Jcee Fri 20-May-16 21:57:21

It couldn't be her teeth could it? The rear molars start to come through round about that age.

DD (6) had a lot of pain when they came through and we thought it was a cold/earache and it was probably when she was 5 it started, then we went to the dentist and he mentioned the molars were coming through but we probably knew as it's very painful!

DD finds nurofen better than calpol for toothache but it seemed to be over in a couple of months

Decanter Fri 20-May-16 22:12:41

Hi thank you both for replying. I don't think it sounda like mastoiditis as she is so well for such a large part of the day. The doctor only noticed "slight" redness in her ears so assume he would have seen something more if it was that. My sister had that as a kid incidentally.
Molar pain is a possibility although it's definitely not localised to the teeth. In fact she's never mentioned any pain in the teeth or mouth, however, she does already have overcrowding of her baby teeth and we've been told to expect some teeth to need to be removed when the big teeth come through.

The pains she gets really are like intense stabbing/shooting pains, they aren't constant. Even during a bout of pain they will come and go.

Thanks again.

Decanter Fri 20-May-16 22:21:53

Just bumping sorry.

Decanter Sat 21-May-16 01:03:23


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