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A question about bee stings

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MeeWhoo Fri 20-May-16 07:30:53

4 yo DS got stung by a bee a week ago at school. They took out the stinger and put some ice on it. When I came to pick him up he said it still hurt and it was a bit swollen, but the next day the swelling was completely gone and he had no more symptoms.

This morning, he has woken up saying a mosquito bite him, and the site of the bee sting is swollen again, just as it was when he was first stung.

Is this normal? I am guessing any possible allergic reaction would have already happened, right?

ClutterofStarlings Fri 20-May-16 08:37:47

It's likely to be a bit sore for a couple of days. An oral or topical antihistamine would help a bit, you could ask your pharmacist, but to be honest you can probably continue doing nothing & it will be fine.

MeeWhoo Fri 20-May-16 20:31:32

Thanks a lot Clutter, it's still a bit swollen but I think I'll just leave it till tomorrow morning and then go to the pharmacy if he is still uncomfortable.

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