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fluid in ear but it's not glue ear

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joejoe33 Thu 19-May-16 22:28:35

My 5 year was refered through the school nurse for having a red ear which showed signs of fluid, as my child was getting on great in school no problems with reading or speech I wasn't worried. Finally got an appointment today and they said his ear is very red and dull inside and his hearing is showing signs of deteriorating in that ear with high pitched sounds. Refering us urgently to ent, Dr not sure what it is but doesn't think it's glue ear. Said it could clear up but needs checked up incase it gets worst. Anyone had anything like this happen ?

CodyKing Thu 19-May-16 22:32:03

I did - I was given a nasal spray and told to regularly hold my nose to pop the ear - I don't think this would be good advise for a small child as they may do some real damage - it was bloody annoying

mineofuselessinformation Thu 19-May-16 22:40:02

It is possible to cough / sneeze / blow fluid into the middle ear from the throat through the Eustachian tube.
I've done it myself, and it does eventually resolve.
However, I've also had glue ear as an adult and understand how badly any fluid in the middle ear affects hearing.
Did the doctor recommend the balloon that dc blow up with their nose? (Can't remember the name now.) Don't use it if not.
It's really a watching and waiting game. give it a couple of weeks, and is there's no improvement go back and ask for a referral to ENT.

mawbroon Thu 19-May-16 22:53:25

Ds1 had similar to this.

Turns out he had silent reflux for years, he often complained of being sick in his mouth, and I reckon the gastric fluid was going into his tubes which were unable to drain well because his high palate was encroaching on the space. He often had a bright red eardrum and suffered noise and hearing loss for several years.

I had his posterior tongue tie dealt with when he was 6 yo and his reflux symptoms stopped overnight.

His ears were clear at his next audiology appointment and the noise and hearing loss disappeared as well. He's never been bothered with it since (he's 10 now).

Ring any bells?

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