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Sleep study and vaccinations advice.......

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Crunchy121 Mon 16-May-16 13:08:56

DD needs a sleep study done next week. Can anyone tell me what happens and what to expect please? Also will they do the sleep study if the child is poorly. My DD's is due to have her MMR and pre school booster immunisations (she is 3.8) but am worried if she gets ill it will get cancelled. When do the immunisations usually cause side effects, temperature, cold symptoms etc (if they do)??

Andro Mon 16-May-16 15:15:10

Can be fairly immediate or up to a few days, depending on what side effects they cause - if they cause any. If you don't want to risk the sleep study being affected by her vaccinations, it might be as well postponing them a few days.

smable Mon 16-May-16 15:46:07

My ds had a sleep study last year when he was 3.10. There was a computer with a video camera recording his movement and he had sensors on his chest and big toe which were attached to the computer recording his breathing and oxygen levels. I have no idea if the preschool booster will affect the results.
The sensor on his chest is a sticky pad ( it's the same kind of clear gel that is sometimes used to attach things to the front of comics) it came off very easily with no pain.

McBassyPants Mon 16-May-16 18:17:37

What is the sleep study for?

Crunchy121 Mon 16-May-16 22:01:31

Very enlarged tonsils to the point they nearly touch, choking on crunchy foods like apple, breadsticks etc, night time cough and recurrent pneumonia. So this is just one of many tests she has already had and is due to be booked in for.

McBassyPants Mon 16-May-16 22:15:09

Ok do this sleep study will just be for overnight satsuma monitoring. He will just have a probe on his finger overnight. They may do hourly checks too to make sure it stays on/accurate.

It will be to check for obstructive sleep apnoea, which will determine whether he could be a day case tonsillectomy or need to be in overnight smile

McBassyPants Tue 17-May-16 06:41:39

Saturation not satsuma hmm

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