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Chest Pain in 8 YO Ds,it's just another "one of those things"

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MissBeaHaving Mon 16-May-16 02:57:09

I'm posting here about this as I really am at the end of my tether tbh,and hoping that maybe someone might reassure me.

For 12 months or so Ds (8) has been suffering from one thing or another, missed lots of school & is generally miserable, lethargic & missing out.

He was a very healthy baby/toddler,very rarely caught the seasonal bugs going around or anything else and had a very good attendance at primary also.

He is a very tall boy for 8,he's in age 11-12 clothes,size 5 feet & very thin.

He was born 9lb10oz breast fed until he declined it at 4months & loved his food but never actually put on weight just continued to grow in height.

He's suffered "growing pains" quite frequently in his legs but until last year that's the only thing that's bothered him.

During the 2015 summer holidays he became very poorly,high temperature,glands up all over his body,enlarged liver,fatigue ,sore throat & terrible stomach pain,this went on for a few weeks.
Glandular fever & a lot other things were ruled out & he slowly improved but the stomach pains still continue frequently plus he now picks up any bug going around.

Then he came into my bedroom last week bent over holding his chest,no cough just pain,Gp saw him straight away & says it's nothing really to worry about, it's inflammation because he's still growing so fast & to just give ibrufen plus keep an eye for breathlessness as he could be at risk of having a hole in his lung!

Can this really happen from growing?
I've never heard of this before & I'm quite worried considering We are still waiting for a diagnosis on the tummy pain,he's had numerous tests & ultrasound but still no diagnosis but he's only been the consultant once.

I know this is long so thank you if you've reached the end even if you can't give me

Out2pasture Mon 16-May-16 03:25:38

my son went through a similar episode.
similar age (10) had braces, played a rep sport (twice a day training most days) of course growing.
developed a very bad oral infection (historically named trench mouth although i'm sure their is something more modern now).
when came the chest pain, he was diagnosed with pericarditis which resolved but then he developed vitiligo which is a type of autoimmune disease.
I really regret not backing off and taking that period easier or seeking medical advice. I even think that if I would have given him multivits it could have prevented the vitiligo.
be vigilant and make sure you get the level of medical attention you feel necessary.

MissBeaHaving Mon 16-May-16 04:00:54

Thanks for replying Out2,I'm so sorry your Ds has suffered similar,it's horrible seeing your child held back & not being sure what's best.
My Ds was always an active child ,loved his football training & swimming,always on his bike or scooter when we go out walking our dogs twice a day.
Now more often than not he is saying no to activities he used to enjoy.

Out2pasture Mon 16-May-16 04:05:04

it was a phase and it passed but do make sure he is getting the nutrition he needs.
we thought it funny when in the midst of this ds said "i'm too tired to chew" and rather than eat went to bed without food (as I wrongly assumed he would wake up ravenous).

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