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Periorbital Cellulitis

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Luckymummy22 Sat 14-May-16 14:29:53

I'm pretty sure this is what my 18 month old is being treated for.
(Husband took him so lots of unanswered questions!!)
Basically saw GP with swollen eyelid on Tuesday. GP unsure but prescribed antibiotic drops as precaution. Back at GP (different one) on Wednesday as nursery said it was worse. Prescribed Piriton & told to continue drops.
Thursday other eye very swollen & saw original GP. She mentioned to hubby the possibility of IV antibiotics. Referred to eye hospital & prescribed oral antibiotics on their advice. Appt Friday. Textbook case (of whatever) & sinuses got mentioned. Had been ill 2 weeks ago with fever for 4 days & very snotty (struggles with snot) Open access discharge & to go straight to hospital if swells again

Does this sound like Periorbital cellulitis? Both eyes seemed to be affected but one a lot worse than others. No fever & fine in himself.
Just googling things & I don't think I realised how serious it was. I just thought hayfever or conjuctivitis?
Do antibiotics do the trick? Is this most likely a one off or it something he will be susceptible too?

Probably just stressing needlessly just now confused

bayworld Sun 15-May-16 03:40:07

Could be periorbital cellulitis but for heavens sake, don't rely on google. The fact that you have been sent home is a really good sign. No need to stress but if symptoms worsen definitely go straight to hospital. Sounds like they have it well under control though. Perhaps might be a good idea to go for any future appointments yourself!

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